IMG_0035 IMG_0023Borneo here we come!

Well Kuala Lumpur was a fab introduction to Malaysia and I wonder what Borneo has to offer.  We were promptly collected from the hotel two camera bags laden with lenses……….well not sure how near or far those Orang-IMG_0026 IMG_0078utan’s were going to be………… Motto “be prepared”. Two large suitcases and an extra large handbag we checked in and sat patiently waiting for ourflight.

The transportation to our next destination was excellent, just what you hoped for.  The outside of the hotel overlooking the harbour and sea, looked a little out dated but the rooms and lobbies were beautiful, everywhere immaculately clean and the people always greeted you warmly.

Wow we wondered who the multi million dollar yacht belonged too as we sat having a drink overlooking the harbour, was it a celeb maybe a rich prince or just that multi billionaire!  Ok later we found out it belonged to the hotel owner!


The waterfront, a good place to eat they recommended so off we trotted to have our first prawns in Borneo. The following day was my birthday and we had planned a lazy day by the pool.  As sunset began we sat drinking cocktails watching the amazing colours, what a site, boats in the harbour with the sun setting behind them.  Onto an amazing restaurant where my partner had arranged a table outside lover looking the harbour and sea. We enjoyed the delights of Indonesian food combined with Indian food; all complimented with a bottle of champagne what a lovely surprise.


Up early the next morning to get the small plan to Sandakan for our first adventure in Sepilok …….to see the orang-utan’s. Armed with 500mm lens and a 16mm wide-angle lens we were prepared.  We hailed a taxi to take us to the jungle.  The first port of call was the Orang-utan’s sanctuary in the middle of the jungle. Wow how quiet very few people around.  Off we trotted to spot the Orang-utan’s and not to be disappointed there in front of us was our first glimpse of one, he looked just like the one on the TV advert……. Mmmmm was that him throwing things at us or was he just posing for the camera. Cheeky monkey as the saying goes.  We watched the monkeys feeding, the mums feeding their babies, the male monkeys chatting amongst themselves. Full of energy as they swung from tree to tree but eh did he really need to pee and a number 2 on us?

Photographing Orangutans Borneo

Monkey Business

IMG_0144 IMG_0151 IMG_0156 IMG_0163 IMG_0254-Edit IMG_0196

Oh let’s follow this trail into the jungle says my partner?  A few steps in and where was the trail was that rough terrain now our path had the wooden planks disappeared.  Twenty minutes later having climbed slopes, negotiated obstacles we had only walked 100 metres, another 900 to go with no trackers showing our way into jungle.  With snakes and other goodies lurking around the trek through the jungle was rapidly becoming less appealing.  We walked on a little further then stopped, the silence was deafening then quickly it was replaced with the calls of birds, the black squirrel jumping between trees and the monkeys chatting………..this is nature in its real habitat.  Ok so we were not that brave to go any deeper into the jungle and decided to turn around but the experience was still amazing.


Our next experience was to visit the sunny bears, how cute but how sad that they are becoming extinct, credit to the sanctuary for helping to preserve these lovely creatures.


The final part of this trip was a short visit to the rainforest before getting the flight back to Kota K inabalu.  By this time we were hot and sweaty and the thought of walking on the canopy walk way was becoming more appealing………… Wrong again, this is Borneo and canopy didn’t refer to a covered walk way but a walk way high above the tree tops with no cover…….heck nearer to the blazing sun what happened to the coolness of the rainforest!  However, the views were amazing good job we don’t have a problem with heights.  We observed the environment, beautiful foliage, lush trees and birds. Time to get the flight back to KK and reminisce the experiences of the day.


Read my next blog about my experiences down the river to see the Proboscis Monkeys and fire flies.