Hong Kong

Calm and tranquility

It’s all too easy to fall into a rut and this certainly can apply to photography. Using a studio most of the time is exciting however it can become restrictive if I don’t make the effort to get out and about with my camera. So the ideal time for me to do something different is during my travels. Hong Kong, China, Vietnam and Singapore gave me the opportunity to enjoy one of my favourite genres, Street Photography.

Hong Kong Dow

Hong Kong Dow

Our first stop Hong Kong, the weather wasn’t too kind but the Big Red Bus bright yellow free waterproof did the trick, glamorous not but it did keep out the rain.

Big Wheel Hong Kong

Stormy Sky


Wheels keep turning

The next stop of our tour was Sanyan a small Island off China. The weather was a little kinder and we had the opportunity to just walk around and take in the sites. The skies became quite dramatic as the sun started to set; this didn’t appear to interfere with the boat family having their gathering, maybe their evening meal. The local people were chatty and smiling as they went about their business, what a charming island.

Chinese Dragon

Chinese Dragon

Taking a break

Taking a break – China

Family gathering

Family gathering – China

On to Vietnam a country I was excited to taste and certainly wasn’t disappointed. Saigon was just as expected, fast and furious. Extreme sport of the day was trying to cross the road and land the opposite side in one piece. Dan Hang was a beautiful coastal town plenty to see and enjoy. Eating local food in the markets and trying the wares of the street vendors all added to the experience.

Stormy seas

Stormy Seas – China

Elle Je Photography-2-21

The final destination was Singapore, a true contrast to the previous destinations and certainly one of my top 15 destinations to visit. The amazing floral exhibitions were a delight to see, the experience of the capsule similar to London Eye gave me the opportunity to capture some interesting images through the rain. To top it all any girls dream shopping malls with designer shops everywhere!



The Cake Maker

The Cake Maker

"Nap time"

“Nap time”

Break time, hat is the latest news?

Break time, what is the latest news?

Through the looking glass

Through the looking glass