Freezing Liquid in the Studio

liquid photographyOne of the recent projects enjoyed by the beginners camera club was taking images of liquid splashes.  To freeze liquid in mid air is not quite as easy as one would imagine.  The purpose of this exercise was to help the members understand how flash freezes the moment, of course if movement  is captured at the right time, a challenge in its self.

There are numerous conditions to consider when creating these type of images.

What are you trying to achieve is it droplets like crystal, an explosion such as dropping an object into liquid, is it freezing and object prior to falling into the liquid?


Once you have decided the type of image you are wishing to create then consideration to:

  • What container will you use and the kind of impact it may create, shallow, deep, long, tall etc all will create a different effect.
  • What liquid will you use, clear, wine, milk etc
  • What object will you use to create a splash or will you use a pouring action
  • Do you want to edit the creation in photoshop or just tidy up
  • Will you have someone to assist or will you be multi-tasking

chocoNow lets talk about the technical equipment you will require-

  • Camera
  • Tripod
  • Flash light
  • Trigger for the studio lights
  • Light meter
  • Backdrop
  • Table

To freeze the action of the liquid splashes you will require a fast shutter speed, between 1/125 – 1/200 this will require the use of studio/speedlites to ensure you can use a F-stop (aperture) of f11 upwards.

EH0A0087-Edit-3If you are working on your own a remote trigger for your camera is helpful to enable you to drop the item into the liquid and take the shot at the same time.  Be aware as this can be frustrating coordinating the drop and shot at the same time………….rewarding when you get a result though!

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