A Journey to Kula Lumpur…………the Beginning

What a city, certainly exceeded all expectations and a great way to start the trip. Arriving at KL airport having flown on the A380 double decker plane a smooth transfer to our hotel, all was going well. Hello I wonder why there are earplugs at the side of the bed? Soon to find out as we took our first evening stroll was this really how you partied bar after bar, loud music getting louder and laughter and chatting everywhere. Certainly a vibrant and fun area but alas jet lag was setting in and time to get some sleep, would we require the earplugs, far too tired to notice any noise.

Up bright and breezy, now to start exploring. Armed with camera we set off to walk from the hotel to the Petronas Towers. What an impressive site with the beautiful fountains framing the gardens the stroll in the heat was well worth it.

Our next stop was China Town to try out our bartering skills, the first purchase being a sarong but oh no not just any old sarong but one of many talents from a beach cover up to a top for evening mmmmm lets see. Purchase number 2 the Rolex ……… Starting at 350 RM after bartering and teasing we walked away with the purchase only 120 RM …… A bargain! Or was it, working fine until the next morning when it had stopped during the night, whoops oh well a few shakes and twists of the arm and it was back to life. Our final purchase at the market was a purse, real leather the guy tells us as he lit his lighter to prove his point…….cynical or not was this a magic trick or illusion, oh well the purse was still attractive.



Kuala Lumpur the city of life


We continued our walk until legs and feet went on strike and a taxi was hailed, clever negotiations again only 20RM for a taxi, oh dear it was only 5 the following day ……..still learning.


We decided to eat local food with the local people and wandered to the street lined with eateries everything from noodles to fruits to ice cream or frog skewers, a paradox if ever there was one. We carefully chose a restaurant and began our challenge of selecting from such an extensive menu. Another evening of food and drink, the streets were vibrating with the loud music, oh well if you can’t beat them then join them as the saying goes.

Our last day and evening in K L had arrived and we were to make the most of it. The first task was to find a charger for the new Fujifilm XE2 camera, I’m sure the original is somewhere amongst all this luggage. We hailed a taxi to take us back to central market sure we would get one from the camera shop seen the day before. What only 5RM for the same journey that cost 20RM the day before! The lady was very knowledgeable but couldn’t help us with our purchase. She kindly explained where we would get one from and how we could get there by the free bus, so off we trotted to locate the free purple bus. The very helpful bus driver took us to the area we were looking for Lau Pat Mall. Wow a mall of 4 floors all cameras, accessories and phones, just like putting a child into a candy store. We found the store with a charger so now I was happy. We decided to go back to the hotel and have lunch in a local restaurant. Dropping off our goods we strolled back to the street we ate in the night before. It was like being in a different country, quiet no lights and stalls not yet put out. We chose a restaurant and sat down to eat. My partner chose frog for his lunch, oh dear what an unsightly mess. Fiddling to get meat of the bone, not sure what part of the frog this was he eventually gave in. If I tried to describe my bland food I think I would get barred from KL, yet another experience. We decided to move restaurants and have rice. I looked up and thought I recognised the building on my right, surly I was wrong was this really the mall we had just been to for the battery charger? So to summarise we had a taxi take us from the hotel to the market, the free bus from the market to the mall a final taxi from the mall costing 20RM to the hotel which certainly went the scenic route to justify the price and we could have walked to the mall in no more than 10 minutes………….still learning.

Our final evening in KL was spent with a very dear friend whom I hadn’t seen in 8 years, and his charming wife. True Malaysian food with a charming ambience. One of the menu choices was yes you guessed frog and yes you guessed we stayed clear of this option. However our final education of the day was to learn that the frog eaten at lunch was actually soup and you are not meant to eat the actual meat, after crying with laughter we moved on……..