DSLR Workshop

Introduction to DSLR Photography Workshop

Got yourself a fancy DSLR camera but you’re a bit baffled by all the knobs and dials? Find yourself still shooting in Auto Mode so you don’t mess it up? Modern DSLRS literally have hundreds of features but there’s only a couple of core controls you need to master to take your photography to the next level.

• 6 hour Workshop
• All DSLRs catered for
• Learn to use your DSLR like pro
• Understand your camera’s Exposure Modes
• Discover how the different Focus Modes work
• Get some top images for your portfolio
• Join our hands-on-workshops

Available as one to one training or small exclusive groups

You’ll only great cracking shots like this when you know how to control your camera properly. Come on our course and find out how.

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Price List for All courses

One to One

£150 per person

£250 x 2 people

£300 x 3 people


£85 per person minimum of 5 people per workshop

Contact us for prices for customized corporate and group sessions.