Light Room Workshop

Process your images in a day using Lightroom

Using Lightroom – learn how to organise, sort and develop your images quickly.
Join our workshop and learn how to:

• Importing & organising hundreds of images.
• Breezing through hundreds of images, picking out the winners from the also-rans.
• Intelligent organising – using folders, collections, smart-collections, keywords, flags and star ratings.
• Processing your images to top level standards – generating great colour, and great black & white images!
• Softening Skin, Teeth Whitening, Removing Blemishes, Burn, Dodge and more
• How you can create slideshows in Lightroom to showcase your work to your clients.
• How you can create great photo books using Lightroom .
• Outputting your work: client delivery files, proof prints and finished prints

Available as one to one training or small exclusive groups

lightroom photos


Contact us for further information on 01949 859801


Price List for All courses

One to One

£150 per person

£250 x 2 people

£300 x 3 people


£85 per person minimum of 5 people per workshop

Contact us for prices for customized corporate and group sessions.