Studio lighting

Introduction to Studio Lighting Workshop

Excited to try shooting in a first rate pro studio but you’ve not got a lot of experience with studio flash? Well this course is just for you. Studio lighting gives photographers total control over the conditions, so you can shape the image exactly how you want. You need to know how though and our hands on fun course will give you all the info you need to get started.

• 6 hour course
• Master the operation of top-end Bowen flash heads
• Experience shooting in a first rate professional studio
• Discover the tools and tricks for shaping and moulding flash light
• Learn basic one light shots as well as advanced multi-light set ups
• Get some top images for your portfolio shot in a high-end pro studio




Available as one to one training or small exclusive groups


Price List for All courses

One to One

£150 per person

£250 x 2 people

£300 x 3 people


£85 per person minimum of 5 people per workshop

Contact us for prices for customized corporate and group sessions.