Date 11th February 2015

Get it right in Camera………………….. I preach time and time again. Don’t rely on photoshop or Lightroom to right your wrongs. The members of my camera clubs will now be laughing at this statement I’m sure they think I am like a broken record repeating all the time.

Well I decided to create an image where photoshop was a very important part of the process, how else was I going to get Jane my model to hang from a cloth baring no clothes! Easy you would say, well not so easy. The studio lighting had to be set just right to create the illusion of Jane hanging for her life onto a hessian curtain. Intrigued then read more…………








There were three parts to this image, the first taking a photograph of the backdrop with the fallen ladders, the second capturing the model and the third using photoshop to merge the two images together.

The challenges were ensuring that the light set-up produced the same tonal and lighting for both shots. One shot was the backdrop hanging from a high rail and the second shot the model lying on the floor, both entirely different positions of

IMG_0020lights and camera. The shot of the model was a downward shot taken from a high position. Numerous images were taken with the model changing the pose until I achieved what I was looking for. Once I had the images it was time to set to work in photoshop merging the two together to give the final image.



The wonders of editing software!